Dual Action Hand Spray Gun

Dual Action Hand Spray Gun® (Models shown HB-86-300 & HB-86-300ST)

Roll & Grip® make Dual Action Hand Spray Gun® HB-86 is ideal for spraying of die coats on forging, die casting and rubber moulding dies. The spray gun has two hose connectors, one for air and the other for die-coat. It has a liquid control valve for controlling quantity of die coat being sprayed. The long aluminium bend pipe of the spray gun provides easy access to all parts of die from safe working distance. The angle of bend of the aluminium pipe ensures proper reach and application of die-coat to innermost and difficult to reach die parts.

Dual Action Hand Spray Gun® model HB-86
The spray gun works in two steps. Partially pressing the handle releases air blast which is for cleaning the die by blowing scales and loose particles and excess die coat. Pressing the handle completely gives out spray of die coat. The spray is powerful and wide to cover the complete die with least gun movement. For spraying both the halves of the die the operator needs to just rotate the spray gun held in his hand and both halves of the die get effectively coated.

The air is needed at pressure of 5 Kg/cm2 or more. Higher air pressure gives highly effective air blast. The die coat can be supplied using gravity feed arrangement or pressure feeding arrangement. For gravity feed keep the die coat container at least 8 feet above the spray gun level. If using pressure feeding arrangement the liquid pressure can be set above 1 Kg/cm2. Whenever higher die coat quantity is needed it is recommended to use pressure feeding arrangement. For viscous liquids higher liquid pressure may need to be set.

The atomization of die coat depends on air pressure and die coat supply pressure / quantity dispensed. Higher air pressure and lower liquid pressure / quantity gives finer atomisation and vice versa. The quantity of liquid dispensed depends on liquid supply pressure and setting of liquid control valve on the spray gun.

The Dual Action Hand Spray Gun® HB-86 comes with different lengths of aluminium bend pipe to suit the requirement. e.g. HB-86-300 (300mm long Al. bend pipe), HB-86-450 (450mm long Al. bend pipe) etc. The length of the aluminium pipe should be selected considering the size of machine, size of die and the distance between operator and the die. The aluminium pipe is interchangeable and can be changed on the shop floor in a few minutes..

Air Pressure  5+ Kg/cm2.
Liquid Pressure Gravity feed or from pressure tank @ 1+Kg/cm2.
Length 480 mm standard overall length with 300 mm extension tube
Weight @550 gm
The Dual Action Hand Spray Gun® model HB-86 comes with hose connectors (shown below) suitable for braided hose. We also supply spray gun with threaded ("G ¼ ") hose connectors.
Standard Hose Connectors 9mm OD XT Hose connectors with "G ¼" threading
Standard Hose Connectors Xt Hose Connectors

Dual Action Hand Spray Gun